Breakfast at the Clos des 3 Rois

Breakfast consists principally of organic, homemade, or local terroir products, served in the property’s historic stables. Hot beverages : tea, coffee, or hot chocolate. Different varieties of bread and pastries are proposed as well as dairy products, apple, citrus or grape juice.
It’s our pleasure to offer you this gourmet moment to kick off the day !

Dairy products

Fruit juice

Apple, orange, grapes… depending on the mood of the day !

Pastries and breads

Pastries and breads with jam, spread or honey local terroir products

Hot beverages

Tea, coffee or hot chocolate

Dinner at the guest table here at the Clos des 3 Rois (by reservation only, minimum party of 6)

We are passionate about sharing our love of local terroir products that we personally enjoy, that we buy regularly and also of which we know its producers and origins. We will introduce you to the « Angevine » cuisine (the cuisine of Anjou) and of course the diverse Anjou and Saumur wines to accompany each course of the meal from the apéritif all the way to the dessert. Our selection can be found here in our cellar.

Dinner options:
Farmer’s market cuisine: made with a basis of organic, homemade, or local products: 29 € per person (complimentary apéritif and mineral water + meal includes the starter, main course, cheese plate, and dessert. Wine is not included in the price).

If your party has any particular dislikes or food allergens , please do not hesitate to let us know so that your meal can be a 100% pleasurable experience.

Key menu

for the traveling gourmets on business trips or for the pressed-for-time patrons !

Self-service meal : « Farmer’s market cuisine » made with a basis of organic, homemade, or local products. 17 € (Starter + main dish + dessert) or 14 € (main dish + dessert). Complimentary mineral water, wine not included in price.

The discovery of local terroir with harmonious Anjou and Saumur wines

Awaken your senses !
3 wines carefully and personally selected by us with the expertise of organic or bio-dynamic wine producers, accompanied by organic, homemade, or local terroir products : an essential formula to create a wonderfully convivial moment, additionally shared with us- your hosts ! Reservation only, with a minimum party of 6.
18 € per person.

Nearby restaurants

Our favorite places :

La Table de la Bergerie : David Guitton, the Michelin starred chef since February 2017, will be delighted to share his pleasure of good, quality products while artistically stringing these elements together on a gourmet score. One of our favorite places since its opening ! The restaurant offers a wine menu that includes the wines of its own domain (Domaine de la Bergerie) as well as an enriching selection of wines from elsewhere. Located in Champ-sur-layon 8 km from the Clos des 3 Rois.
To make a reservation, please call: 0241783062


Les Terrasses de Bonnezeaux : Luc and Sophia took over the establishment in 2015 with refreshing enthusiasm and sincerity, which perfectly describes their cuisine and their service ! Wonderful and filling dishes made from quality products, as well as a selection of this region’s wines to accompany their creations. An excellent address that we enjoy- close by at just 1 km from us (in the direction of Angers).

To make a reservation, please call: 0253206662


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Catering or other services for your dining experience at the Clos des 3 Rois

Ask us for more information regarding caterers or personal home chefs !

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