Outings in the Anjou Loire Valley

Outings in the Anjou Loire Valley

The possibilities of activities and outings are diverse and sure to please any age ranging from children to teens to adults !

Just several kilometers away from the Clos des 3 Rois, if you’re interested in discovering local patrimony, we recommend a visit to the castle in Brissac: the most physically elevated in France ! We also recommend the Serrant castle in Saint-Georges sur Loire. Both castles are well furnished and decorated, and still inhabited by squire families with whom you may cross paths during your visit ! Don’t hesitate to opt for guided tours : it’s a great way to learn a variety of facts and to hear diverse anecdotal treasures told by the guides, all of which will surely change your vision of the castles.


You can also visit the « Village of Artists, » Rablay-sur-Layon, its craft shops and various exhibitions of contemporary art, followed by a stroll through the collective neighborhood grocery boutique « Goût de Layon » where you can discover plenty of regional specialties and locally produced goods as well as a simple but qualitative selection of wines from local wine producers. You can also make a stop at the local bar and pizzeria « l’Auberge du Layon, » where you can have a drink or a meal, welcomed by the owners Christophe and Gaëlle.


For more physical or sport-related activities, there’s nothing more unexpected and exciting than water skiing at the Anjou Wake Park located in Notre Dame d’Allençon ! For the more traditional sports lovers, golfing in Sant Jean des Mauvrets or horse riding at the Equestrian Center in Melay are great options, too !

Go out and explore the cities of Angers, Saumur, Cholet and their respective heritage ! In Angers, we’d recommend visiting the famous castle, the museum of fine arts, the Jean Lurçat museum, exploring the medieval neighborhood, and strolling through the shopping districts with plenty of boutiques ! While in Angers, it’s easy to get around with the bus and tramway system. Close to Angers, we recommend visiting the Terra Botanica Park, a botanical garden with wondrous sights. In Saumur, another castle tour is available as well as a stroll through the tuffeau architecture lined streets, which is an emblematic local stone and construction material of this region. Another obvious but nevertheless great option is to make the most of the nearby Loire river and all of the activities you can do alongside it !

More options include Montsoreau and its castle, the charm of Candes St Martin, and of course visiting the Royal Abbey of Fontevraud.

In Cholet, you can visit the museums and if you’re a shopping fanatic, a stroll on Marques Avenue is obliged !

For floral enthusiasts, other than Terra Botanica in Angers, there is also a rose garden located in Doué la Fontaine where one can admire perennial and seasonal rose bushes, their multifarious colors, and their delicate perfumes. Last but not least, the oriental park of Maulévrier is a magnificent means to marvel, recharge, and to be transported to an Asian landscape without even having to leave Anjou !

For children (but also splendid for the adults that accompany them), take off on a safari adventure at the zoo and nature park in Doué la Fontaine ! Don’t miss out on the giraffes, the aviary filled with exotic birds, the hippopotami, and the raptors ! A few kilometers outside of Cholet, let’s not forget the grandiose amusement and theme park « le Puy du Fou, » its medieval village, the live spectacles and all of its cinematic features !
An hour and a half away by car, you can visit the theme park Futuroscope of Poitiers !

To learn more about the Anjou and Saumur region’s vineyards and wines in general, you can also visit the Museum of Vines and Anjou Wines located in Saint Lambert du Lattay ! Test and apply your knowledge while tasting the wines of numerous wine producers in Anjou-Saumur ! For questions or recommendations of vineyards and wineries, don’t hesitate to ask us !
Fly high and experience aerial views all the while discovering our beautiful region : take flight in a hot air balloon ! Appointments can be made (weather-permitting) with the nearby hot air balloon companies in Brissac-Quincé, or you can go during the summer season to marvel at the dozens of hot air balloons in flight !

We are of course at your service if needed, to help guide you in the preparation of your stay here at the Clos des 3 Rois as well as the planning and organization of your outings, activities, and overall itinerary.